Locksmith Near Me Philadelphia

At Star Locksmith in Philadelphia, customers turn to us in times of trouble. We have become a trusted name in the community because of our dedication to the quality of our services. Our expert locksmith services can help customers out of a tight corner. Google “Locksmith near me,” and you should see our name pop up.

Trustworthy Locksmith Services

We never sacrifice convenience or cost with locksmith services. When you locked your keys in your car and have an appointment in the next couple of hours, you need emergency locksmith services. We respond promptly.

As a locksmith in Philadelphia, we built our company on quality services that display the best attitude in business. We regularly improve our knowledge by seeking out educational opportunities. This helps to give our customers the finest locksmith services in the community. We serve their unique needs with our expertise.

Locked Your Keys in the Car?

When people lock themselves out of their car, they often beat themselves up over it. It happens to everyone at one point or another. Simply Google, “locksmith near me,” and this can bring up our information. We respond quickly to requests because we know how everyone wants to go on with their business. Usually, he can unlock a car or home door in under 10 minutes.

Locksmith Near Me Philadelphia

Some of the available services at Star Locksmith include:

Lost Your Keys?

In some cases, you may have lost your keys. You can have a locksmith make a key for you. Duplicating a key usually only takes a few minutes with a professional locksmith. More complicated keys may require 25 minutes or longer. This will rarely take longer than an hour.

Residential Locksmith

Hiring a residential locksmith, they can fix your locks, duplicate your keys or upgrade home security. Locksmiths may conduct a home security assessment to learn about security around the home. Want to boost home security? Hiring a locksmith can help you to make it more secure. At Star Locksmith Philadelphia, we provide a wide array of residential locksmith services. Especially after a break-in, you may want to hire a locksmith to work on home security. This can prevent future break-ins.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Businesses especially require locksmith services because when a disgruntled employee leaves the business, it would be wise to rekey the locks. Consider it a good practice to rekey the locks at your business every six months to two years, otherwise. How often depends on the amount of traffic that you experience and the value of what you want to protect.

Rekeying the locks from time to time improves security. Especially if you run a business in a bad neighborhood, you could be held liable if you didn’t take precautions to protect your employees. Keeping your office secure at all times stops criminals from even thinking about causing harm.

Lock Changes

In many cases, it makes more sense to rekey a lock, but lock changes make sense for the following scenarios:

Usually, rekeying your locks makes more sense because it doesn’t cost as much.

Key Replacement

When would you want to replace your keys? You have a few times where it makes sense. First, if you see signs of wear or damage on it, this indicates that you may want to replace the keys. Beware of keys that look overly rusty because they could break off inside the lock. This would cause incredible problems that would require a locksmith to remove the broken key.

Expert Locksmiths You Can Count On!

We provide expert locksmith services that you can trust. The staff who work at Star Locksmith always act caring and friendly to customers. The ultimate goal here is to provide dependable services that people can count on. Our locksmiths have been licensed, bonded and insured.

Some of the advantages that you get from calling Star Locksmith include:

  • Fast response

  • Extensive training

  • Remote location assistance

  • Widely available

  • 24-hour emergency locksmith services

When people hired us for our locksmith services, they often talk about the ease of our services. We make the process as straightforward as possible, and we send out a locksmith as quickly as possible.

What Issues People Encounter with Cars and Locks

You have multiple issues that can arise with the most known being someone who locks their keys in the car. Another common issue is when the keys break off in the ignition. How much this costs will depend on the extent of the damage. Complex car keys, such as transponder car keys, tend to cost more. Some people use pliers, and while you can do this with enough room, don’t twist the key. Twisting can cause the key to break a second time. If that happens, you can’t remove the key. Once you remove the key, take the pieces to the locksmith for repairs.

You have cases where a person can’t get the key out of the ignition. For situations like that, call in a locksmith. They have special equipment that can help to remove the key. Many people find that they can’t get the key out, and that’s okay. You have others who simply don’t want to take the risk that they will further damage the key. Call a locksmith for those cases.

Star Locksmith offers a variety of locksmith services. We keep the latest tools and equipment around so that we can serve our customers better. The best locksmith always puts you first. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and its role in our business success. Our technicians will help you to get back into your home or car. You never what might cause your need for a locksmith, but you will be grateful to have one when you need them. Star Locksmith knows how to install locks of every kind. All our technicians receive thorough training and excellent background checks.


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