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How to Fix a Frozen Car Lock

How to Fix a Frozen Car Lock On the coldest nights in Philadelphia, temperatures can drop to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Locksmith in Philadelphia working temperatures can even remain below freezing for entire days, which can lead to frozen locks. At Star Locksmith Philadelphia, we have encountered this situation on cars from time to time. How do you deal with it? You have a couple of actions you can take to de-ice the lock. Car Lock De-Icing Spray on Hand To fix a frozen car lock, keep a bottle of de-icing spray in the back...

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Call a Locksmith or 911?

Call a Locksmith or 911? You have some cases of simple inconvenience where calling a locksmith makes sense. Simply call him up and follow the steps to get back inside the home. In other cases, you could face several hours locked outside the home or stranded miles away. For those situations, you may want to type on your phone, “Locksmith near me.” This ensures the locksmith will respond quickly. That said, you have some cases where it makes more sense to call 911. Locked a Small Child in the...

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