Security Camera Display in Black and White?

If you paid for a security camera that says it displays in color, then your security camera shouldn’t be displayed in black and white. The black-and-white picturing can make the imaging look grainy and less usable. Truth be told, security cameras displaying in black and white is a common problem. Not only does it annoy, but it can also stop you from making key observations on detail like the color of the car and the suspect’s shirt color.

Why Does Black-and-White Picturing Happen?

Black-and-white picturing happens as the cameras switch to infrared mode. When a camera was placed in an area too dark for the normal light setting, the picture changes to black and white. The infrared lighting helps to guarantee footage so that it can still form a picture, but it’s not ideal footage. As annoying as this can be for business owners, infrared footage turns on because of poor lighting. That might explain why it would display in black and white at night, but it doesn’t explain why it would display in black and white with plenty of lighting.

Google, “Locksmith near me,” and any of the local shops will tell you how when the camera stays in black and white, it means the infrared sensor has gotten stuck. In some cases, a glitch with the security camera will cause the infrared sensor to remain on. Hiring a locksmith Philadelphia company like Star Locksmith Philadelphia can help you to make your home security cameras function normally through their expertise.

Security Camera Display in Black and White?

Here are some things that we might advise to help you address the problem before calling in a locksmith. First, wipe the lens to clean it of dirt and debris. You might perform a power cycle. You do this by turning the camera off for a few minutes and turning it back on. That resets any bad settings. If power cycling the camera doesn’t work, power cycle the video recorder.

In some cases, the issue stems from a cable and power problem. Inspect the cable and power supply for damage. A damaged cable could hurt the communication between the camera and the power supply. Test it this way. Unplug the camera from its current power supply and use a different one. If the camera changes to color footage, you had a problem with the power supply.

Checking the Warranty

Unfortunately, you have cases where you can’t fix the black-and-white screen. Despite your best efforts, it remains. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. Check the warranty from the manufacturer. While most manufacturers won’t replace a damaged camera, a black-and-white screen sometimes falls under the classification of a manufacturer’s defect. If it falls into that category, they might cover it. The policy varies from one manufacturer to the next. In some cases, no warranty can be found for the product. You may have no choice but to buy another camera.

How to Address Light Problems

You might install lighting in an area where you have light problems. This can help to keep the camera in color. Extra lighting in an area with security cameras can reduce the risk that it will go into black-and-white mode. You could also switch the camera over to an area with greater lighting.

What Else to Understand with Security Camera

We’ve covered why the security camera can flip into black-and-white mode. What else should you understand about them? First, you should figure out where you would like to store the tapes. You might choose a loop system where the recordings will loop over each other, or you could use them after a while stored in sections. For a business, you might use the security monitors for real-time viewing to keep up to date with occurrences on the premises. Beware if you use home security cameras for a business: Train your employees never to block the camera. Teach them how to keep out of the frame as much as possible. This ensures that the cameras will capture the crimes. You can Google, “Locksmith near me,” and ask them for the best practices on security to ensure that you capture essential footage when it happens.

Maintaining Your Security Camera

Every once in a while, you should inspect your cameras for signs of corrosion and damage. With any damages or rusty parts, you will want to replace the pieces. You don’t want a crime to happen and learn that your security camera wasn’t recording it after the fact. Occasionally, inspect the positioning of the camera. Check to see that the camera remains firmly in place and does not sit loose.

Change the Original Password

Most security cameras, because they come connected to the internet, will have a password. A lot of people never change the password, which makes them an easy target for hackers. This would allow hackers to spy on you. Two-factor authentication systems add an extra layer of security and make it harder for criminals to break in. You may want to add characters and numbers to the password to strengthen your passwords. Google, “Locksmith near me,” call them up, and they can help you with changing the password on the cameras.

Too Much Light?

We covered what happens when security cameras don’t get enough light. You also shouldn’t point the camera directly at the sun because the glare can interfere with the footage. At all times, you want the things happening on your property. That sounds obvious enough, but many people fail to consider the movement of the sun. Angle your security camera so that it only takes in footage with indirect sunlight. Be aware of how the reflection of windows can interfere.

Hopefully, this sheds some light on security camera displays and why they might turn to black-and-white imaging. Usually, it has to do with poor lighting, but it can be because of glitches with the technology too. In some cases, you may have no choice but to replace the camera if you want it in color. You can have a professional from Star Locksmith Philadelphia, a locksmith in Philadelphia company, install your security camera to lower the risk of the camera recording in black and white.


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