Security Cameras: The Best Places to Install Your Security Cameras

You can buy security cameras, but that doesn’t mean they will deter burglars. Security cameras need good positioning to discourage a burglar and capture them on camera if they take criminal actions. At Star Locksmith in Philadelphia, our security experts will assess your camera positions to ensure the optimal security on your property. Employed in the proper setting, security cameras bolster security.

Set around the Perimeter

Sensors and cameras installed around the perimeter serve as one of the strongest places for cameras. The perimeter refers to the fence and near gates. You might call the driveway and the front yard the secondary perimeter, which deserves a section of cameras of its own. While this won’t stop burglars in itself, the extra security puts burglars on high alert. Perimeter cameras should be bought as exterior cameras because this type of camera can handle the elements better.

Security Cameras

You want to position your perimeter cameras to capture the activity around the area clearly and fully. Pay special attention to the off-street views that don’t garner attention. Look for spots that don’t have as much visibility. Burglars love to exploit locations like this. Perimeter cameras will usually sit in hard-to-reach locations. Even if you can’t hide the camera, you can install it out of reach. Google, “Locksmith near me,” and we can show you some of these good out-of-reach locations on your property.

Install at the Key Entry Points of the Home

Pay special attention to the key points where a burglar might enter the home. These points see the highest foot traffic, which makes them vulnerable to attack. Key entry points offer the most direct route into the home. Because of its potential to exploit, you want to upgrade security at the key entry points with sensors and cameras. An estimated 34 percent of burglars break in through the front door. You want security cameras installed on all the doors from the front door to the back door and side doors. Alarm sensors can detect unauthorized guests with bad intentions.

With some cameras, you can mount them on the door frame to display the criminal profile in full clarity. You want one that focuses on the doorway, but you will want a second camera that displays the intruder from multiple angles. Choose a camera built with night vision to improve security.

Auxiliary Access Points

When we talk about auxiliary access points, we mean the additional entry points of the home. You should protect the auxiliary points, also. Burglars think they know how homeowners think. In some ways, they might be right, but you can flip the tables on them by thinking like a burglar and lower the risk of a burglary. Without sensors and cameras, criminals might exploit the lack of security. Sometimes homeowners forget to add security at the auxiliary access points. Unfortunately, surveillance cameras perform poorly in places like this because of how tight spaces can limit their vision.

The Garage Door and Driveway

The garage door hands burglars one of the biggest access points on the home. When we speak about the secondary perimeter, we refer to both the driveway and the garage door. Using sensors on the driveway will likely have mixed results. Installing a couple of security cameras works well because of the clear line of sight. Even if the garage stands on its own, you may want to add security cameras because it deters burglars. A burglar that can steal from your garage easily might wonder what you have inside the home.

Let’s say that you have a detached garage. You may want to buy exterior cameras instead to deal with the elements. On the inside of the garage, you could install more cameras. With the garage doors, strong locks combined with security cameras can make your home a less attractive burglary target.

Security Cameras with Plenty of Room

We covered some of the best locations to install a security camera. At Star Locksmith, a local locksmith Philadelphia, we’d like to talk about clarity with the installation. You want to install your cameras in an area with plenty of room because this gives you better scope. If you have any questions, call us and we can assess the effectiveness of your security cameras. The camera focus range hinges on the type of camera you buy. When you Google, “Local locksmith near me,” you can speak with them on the best cameras for certain types of situations.

You want to install cameras to where it plays to the strengths of the home’s position. In this way, you capture the full scope of the perimeter.

Out of Reach or Out of Sight

Having cameras installed out of reach ensures that the intruder can’t mess with your cameras. You could install a camera higher up and in plain view to let burglars know that your property has security.

Important to note: You don’t want to have the camera installed too high up either to where the images look grainy and unusable. Install them at a height of 9 feet. This should stop burglars 6 feet or shorter from bashing the camera. The second-story level offers plenty of security.

Security cameras on the property aren’t active security measures. Still, their presence alone can deter crimes. It won’t always stop the crime, but it can capture evidence. When you look up Star Locksmith in Philadelphia, we will send out a local locksmith to assess your security. We will seek and destroy weaknesses on your property that burglars could use to enter the premises. Strong security lowers the risk that burglars will target your home.


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