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Home Lockout How to Handle It

Home Lockout How to Handle It Let’s say you locked yourself out of the home. How do you get back into the house? In the worst case scenario, you can call out a Star Locksmith Philadelphia technician. Our expert locksmiths demonstrate an ongoing willingness to help customers who may have locked themselves out of the home. Before you Google, “locksmith near me,” however, you should try a few of these things. They might get you back into the home without the need to call a locksmith. Look for an Open...

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Someone Broke into Your Home What Now?

Someone Broke into Your Home What Now? You arrive home after a Friday night dinner with the wife to discover your front door’s glass shattered. As you enter the home, you see papers scattered over the floor, the couch upturned and all your glasses in the kitchen in shattered pieces on the stone tile. To make matters worse, you learn that your 72-inch flat screen and several other valuable items have gone missing. The total cost of the damage and stolen property comes out to $2,416. That’s the average cost of a burglary...

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