Expert Locksmith Tips from Experienced Locksmiths

At Star Locksmith Philadelphia, we have seen our share of things over the years as expert locksmith. Through those experiences, we can help you to protect your property better. We have compiled this list of useful tips to help you raise your security in the home to have peace of mind.

The Door Frame Matters

You can have the strongest lock, but if you have a weak door frame, burglars can force entry into your home. Wooden door frames will usually be much weaker than steel door frames. A locksmith can fill the door frame with cement to add security.

Beware of Hiding Spare Keys in Obvious Locations

A cardinal sin in security, many people will hide their spare key under the welcome mat or near the door of the home. Stay aware of the dangers. Criminals have learned of the most common hiding spaces through many burglaries, and they check these spaces automatically to see if they can make an easy entrance. Hide the keys in less obvious spaces like buried in the garden or inside the sprinkler system.

Rekey the Locks

You don’t have to replace the locks unless you want additional security. In many cases, rekeying the locks will still make it impossible for the old key to work. At the same time, it costs a fraction of replacing the locks completely. Rekeying your door will cost between $40 to $100 per lock. Replacing your locks could cost you up to $300. The difference in cost comes about because of how replacing the key pins will cost much less than replacing the lock altogether. Any time you move into a new home, you may want to have the home rekeyed.

Deadbolts for Extra Security

Deadbolts offer additional security in comparison to regular locks. With deadbolts, criminals can’t move the lock, which makes it harder for them to break into. Burglars can move a regular lock using a credit card or lock pick. Criminals will often look for a deadbolt on a home, and if they don’t see one, it could make them target your home. Deadbolts make it harder for criminals to succeed.

Evaluate the Condition of Your Locks

Older locks will usually be more susceptible to breaking and entering. After some time, the dirt and grime settle on the lock and causes the mechanisms to malfunction. You might notice all sorts of problems with your lock like it not turning the way that it should. Locks that have been tampered with will usually display signs of scratches and dents. It might have scuff marks near the keyhole. You want to replace locks as soon as you notice this because they will have increased vulnerability to criminals.

Lock the Windows

Many people invest hundreds of dollars in an expensive new lock. However, it won’t do much good if the burglar enters through a window that you left lockout. You have an alarming number of people who don’t lock their windows when leaving from home. Others lock their windows and doors, but they don’t lock it properly. Even a short trip away from the home could provide crooks with ample opportunity to strike. Many burglaries only take between 90 seconds to 12 minutes. Never leave your windows on the latch because it makes it easier for criminals to enter.

Expert Locksmith

Grade 1 locks offer the most security, while Grade 3 locks have the most vulnerability. In some cases, you might choose Grade 2 for a more agreeable price without too much sacrifice to security. If you have a lot of valuables within the home, you want to choose Grade 1. This grade can withstand 10 door strikes with a hammer and 800,000 cycles. Look for the ANSI Grading System when deciding on a lock. This reputable system has served as the measurement for lock quality for decades.

Look for a Certified Locksmith

Certified expert locksmith like Star Locksmith Philadelphia have received the proper training to open locked doors. You have some scam locksmiths that you can avoid by checking to see if they have their certification. expert locksmith without certifications will usually overcharge customers, and their work often results in damage to the lock. Because certified locksmiths have extensive training and must take a course in rekeying, safe combination changing and code cutting, they can perform these tasks without causing damage to the lock. Certified locksmiths can also provide an invaluable security assessment that you can use to improve your security.

Moving into a New Home? You Might Want to Change the Locks

Most security experts estimate that 58 percent of new homeowners don’t change the locks on their home. Regardless of whatever priorities you might have, switching out the locks matters because you never know who had the property before. Even if they claim to have turned in the keys, they may have had extra copies. You slide down the slippery slope into the territory of liability fast.

Experience Matters

You want a expert locksmith who has experience. This translates to a fast and painless process whether replacing your locks or even getting expert security advice. To be clear, experience isn’t everything, but it can indicate that a business knows what they’re doing. You have a better chance of hiring a good one when they have 25 years of experience.

Hopefully, you have learned how to improve security on your property. Nothing feels worse than learning that a burglar may have compromised your security. The feelings of surprise, shock, guilt, anger and a sense of violation can take time to cope with. Experts say that the key to healing is to allow time for the emotions to run their course. If you’d like help from an experienced locksmith, contact Star Locksmith Philadelphia.


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