Welcome Home! Smart Tips For Changing the Locks on Your New Property


Your family has just purchased a home in a dream location. Congratulations are in order, but there are a lot of details to attend to before relaxing in the backyard. The locks around the home are one detail that should be prioritized. Explore the reasons why you should switch out the locks and the proper steps involved. Securing your new home is a natural step in the right direction.


Why the Switch?

Many new homeowners may be surprised at the thought of changing the locks upon moving in. There are other concerns on your mind, from adding a fresh coat of paint to changing out the old carpet. The home’s security may be compromised, however, if the locks remain the same.

Your house has a past that might include copied keys passed around to other people. In fact, you may not know how many people might potentially have your house keys in their pockets. For safety reasons, rekeying the locks is the best course of action.

Changing of the Guard

The property is technically your responsibility at this point. There’s always some lag time between closing the sale and physically moving into the property. Use this time to rekey the locks. None of your personal belongings are in the home, which gives you a sense of security as you wait for a locksmith. Most service providers can reach your property in little time, especially when security is your biggest concern.

Counting up the Keyholes

When you contact locksmith services, it’s always a good idea to be prepared with some information. Take a look around the home, and make notes of these details, such as:

  • Locks built into the doorknobs
  • Separate locks along a large, door handle
  • Deadbolts

Count all of the keyholes found around the home. Offer this information to the locksmith. An accurate estimate results from a strong partnership between homeowners and locksmith professionals.

Being Aware of Brands

It’s important to note that keyholes aren’t all built the same. Each manufacturer has their own design style. Your chosen locksmith must have experience with a particular brand in order for a rekeying changing the locks to be successful.

Mention the lock manufacturer to your locksmith when you call for an appointment. Most reputable, locksmith services will work on the most popular brands, from Kwikset to ASSA. If you have a brand that’s relatively unknown, your locksmith should be able to narrow down a service that’s appropriate for it. Every homeowner deserves a safe household from the very day that they move in.

Considering Lock Additions

Rekeying your locks is just the beginning of your security task. You might consider extra locks for the home, such as deadbolts on a garage or side door. Locksmith professionals can walk around the property, and point out additions that make sense. Certain doors might be more vulnerable than others, including:

  • Side doors hidden from street view
  • Doors attached to smaller buildings on the property, such as a storage shed
  • Changing the Locks

Changing the Locks

Speak to your trusted locksmith about rekeying the locks so that there’s a master key for every entryway. Security and convenience can coincide. Star Locksmith is your trusted partner in locksmith services around Philadelphia, PA. Schedule a service at your home to start the rekeying process. Our team services the top brands in the industry to keep your home secure at all times. Welcome to your property with sturdy locks protecting every door


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