WiFi Smart Lock: Should I Buy a WiFi Smart Lock for My House?

You may have seen a WiFi smart lock and wondered to yourself if you should upgrade your home to it. We will have a look at the benefits of this lock and whether you should buy the new smart lock for the home. First, this lock doesn’t take much to install, depending on the lock brand. Expect it to take anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes to install a new smart lock for the home.

WiFi Smart Lock Control Access from Anywhere

With a traditional lock and key, you can only control access to the home when you have the lock and key in hand. You also need to be present at the lock to open the door. The WiFi smart lock changes this because you can remotely lock and control access to the home from the comfort of your smartphone. You could live in Philadelphia and go on a business trip to D.C. While in D.C. you could remotely lock and unlock your smartphone as long as you had access to WiFi.

Do More Than Eliminate Your Key

Smart locks let you do more than use the lock without a key. You receive extra benefits after you buy a smart lock because they can track who enters and exits the home and send notifications. Depending on the smart lock, you can email digital and limited smart lock access to your children, guests or workers even when not home.

Some models can coordinate their operations with Google Home or Apple HomeKit. You can lock or unlock doors based on a group operation. To give you an example, you can program the locks to all lock at the same time in the home at night, turn off the lights and close the shades.

Here’s another valuable example of how a smart lock might come in handy. For example, let’s say that you have a smart doorbell. You can coordinate the smart doorbell with your smart lock. Someone rings the doorbell, and you can remotely unlock the door for the person even while at work. That can come in handy especially when you have an expected package coming and want to keep porch bandits from stealing your package. The smart doorbell lets you confirm the person on the other side while the smart lock lets you unlock the door for them.

When Does This Lock Make Sense

You may want to buy this smart lock for the following scenarios:

Keep in mind, you will need WiFi to make the most out of the features of this smart lock. Having this additional security ensures that no one enters your home who shouldn’t be inside the home.

When the Smart Lock Doesn’t Make Sense

We want to paint a full picture so that you can decide for yourself if the smart lock makes sense:

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks to using a smart lock, the batteries of the smart lock will go out sooner or later. You can expect the smart lock to last between one to two years before you need to replace the batteries. Changing Locks that connect directly to WiFi may only have alkaline batteries last from one to three months. However, you can buy lithium batteries as a way to extend your battery’s lifetime. Anything that requires swapping out the batteries in less than a month, and you likely have a bad lock. You may want to have it replaced.

Keep in mind, you can buy smart locks that have rechargeable batteries. In most cases, smart locks that come with disposable batteries will require that you use disposable batteries. With that in mind, you will want to buy a smart lock with rechargeable batteries from the start if you want to recharge your batteries, rather than replace them.

Beneficial for the Elderly

The elderly population may especially see benefits to using the smart lock because they don’t have to worry that they forgot their keys. One issue from this arises in that the elderly tend to be less quick to adopt this type of technology. They want to keep using the keys that they grew up on because they understand them better.

The elderly may have a harder time going across the room to open the door. Rather than getting up to do this, they can turn on the smartphone and unlock the door remotely to let guests in. Traditional locks have an advantage in that hackers cannot access the locks, unlike where they can hack into smart locks. All they need is a WiFi connection, and they can unlock the door.

Rising Popularity of Smart Locks

We live in an age where smart locks could eventually overtake the traditional lock market. Most expect the consumer electronics market in home security to double from $74 million in 2019 to $1.39 billion in 2023. The biggest thing driving this rise in technology is the need for it. People want to have their packages delivered securely, or they want to sublease an extra room. This requires letting a stranger into the home through remote unlocking of the door.

For many people, buying a WiFi smart lock makes sense because it coordinates with the modern lifestyle. The traditional lock and key don’t allow for the same level of convenience. If you’d like to learn more about it, call Star Locksmith in Philadelphia. We can bring you the smart lock and help with installation. This lock simplifies your daily life and makes things much easier.


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