House Lockout: Locked Keys in House

Getting locked out of the home brings on feelings of helplessness and self-blame. Thinking that way won’t resolve the problem. If you locked your keys in the home, you can take a few steps to try to enter the home. Provided that doesn’t work, you could call Star Locksmith Philadelphiafor your house lockout. We will help you to enter the home again.

What to Do When Locked Out

First, if you have a roommate, friend or family member with a spare key, call them up to see if they can help with your home lockout. You can address frequent lockouts by leaving a spare key with a trusted friend or family member. That way, if you experience a lockout again, you can call them up to ask to be let back into the home.

If that isn’t an option, you can hide a spare keys somewhere that no one will look. Be aware, however, that someone could try to find that spare. Don’t hide it in obvious locations. For example, don’t put it under the doormat or hide it in the mailbox. Burglars catch on to some of the most common places to hide spares.

The worst places to hide a spare key include:

  • In the potted plant

  • Inside the porchlight

  • Using a plastic fake rock near the door

  • In magnetic key holder near the door

When you do anything for a living even burgling, certain patterns begin to emerge. Experienced burglars know where to check for spare keys so don’t make it obvious.

Do You Rent?

If you rent, chances are high that the landlord will keep a spare key to access the unit in emergencies. Many apartment buildings, however, have begun to charge a lockout fee. In some cases, they will have an abusive policy where they might charge as much as $120 to bring a new key to you. For cases like that, you may want to call a locksmith instead. You will need proof of identity and evidence that you live at the apartment building.

House Lockout

Many homes will have at least two doors, which means that you can try to access the home through multiple doors. If one door doesn’t open, try a second one. In some cases, the second door may have fewer security measures that make it easier to access. Never leave doors unlocked for this purpose because it becomes an open invitation to have burglars steal from the home. Worse, your home insurance policy won’t cover you if you left the doors unlocked. If it doesn’t have your claim rejected outright, it will complicate the claim.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover a Lockout?

You may wonder to yourself if you can receive coverage for a home lockout. In fact, you can buy home lockout protection assistance with some insurance providers. This will cover the locksmith fees associated with opening your home. Having this type of coverage, you don’t have to worry that you will have to pay out of pocket. Be aware, however, that filing multiple claims like this can still cause your insurance premiums to go up.

How to Prevent Home Lockouts

Previously, we spoke about how you might hide a spare somewhere or leave the key with a trusted friend or family member. Let’s have a look at some of the other things that you can do to prevent a house lockout. First, repair or replace problematic locks. In some cases, you don’t get locked out because you forgot your keys in the home: The lock reached a state of disrepair that eventually caused it to malfunction. The problem could stem from an old key as well. Perhaps it began to rust and broke off inside the lock. That poses a big problem. You want to repair the lock or replace the key before it reaches this sorry stage.

You can also remove a self-locking door so that you would have to use the key to lock it. In particular, you may find this helpful if you have had multiple lockouts. Outside of that, you could install a smart lock where you type in a pin code to enter the home. This may come in handy for situations where you lock yourself out repeatedly. Also, it comes with the convenience of you never having to pull out your keys to unlock the door. Many smart locks will have backlighting to where even if you forgot to turn on the patio light, you can still see the PIN numbers.

Want to Pick the Lock?

On TV, they show people picking the lock to gain entry to the home quickly, but we can promise you that it doesn’t come as easily in real life. For a trained locksmith, it can take anywhere from seven seconds to 45 minutes to pick a lock. Someone less experienced may take longer, and you have a real risk that you could damage the lock. Lock picking when done with skill won’t harm the lock, but if someone tries it without the proper knowledge, they can damage the lock. Hiring a locksmith will prevent harm to the lock. If you know, however, maybe you could attempt to pick the lock to gain entry to the home. The average person doesn’t have this knowledge, and it’s usually better left to the professionals.

While getting locked out can make you feel embarrassed, you should understand how most people will experience a house lockout at some point in their lives. One of the worst times that this can happen is when you have a scheduled appointment where you have to be somewhere quick. Call an emergency locksmith in those cases. You might call the place of your appointment and tell them that you locked yourself out. This can smooth things over if you don’t get there on time. You have a variety of people who call locksmiths, and it includes homeowners, realtors, landlords and property management companies. It’s more common than you might think.


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