What are the Best Places to Install Surveillance Cameras and Sensors?

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In today’s world, security cameras cost less than ever before, and more homeowners have chosen to take advantage of the drop in pricing to buy this technology. It adds security to the home while lowering the cost of homeowner’s insurance in many cases because insurance companies see you as less of a risk. This doesn’t stop the burglar like locks, but if you install cameras in the right places, you can deter burglars or boost security enough to catch them.

Surveillance Cameras

Star Locksmith in Philadelphia understands how to conduct one of these valuable assessments. You want the security camera installed in such a way that it will capture everything happening in that area.
Be aware of off-street locations with less visibility and install surveillance cameras here because burglars love to use places like this to hide and scope out an area.

Placement Does Matter

How you choose to place the security camera will have a huge impact on what you can record. You will maximize your security efforts and catch the necessary footage to convict a burglar if they ever get caught. In fact, cases exist where a burglar gets linked to another burglary through the surveillance footage that came from another home, bringing them to justice for more of their crimes.

You don’t want to install the camera too high up, nor do you want to install it too low. In addition, you want to check to see that you have it placed correctly. Having a good locksmith to check the focus and clarity can make a big difference.

Good Vantage Point but Obscure

In general, you want to install your security cameras in such a way that they will have a great vantage point to view everything going on. Still, you don’t want them so visible that the burglar could mess with the camera. You want to see everything that needs monitoring while making the camera hard to spot and even more difficult for them to reach the camera.

The same principle applies to cameras and security in general. You don’t want the burglar to pick out the security points because it will make it easier for them to bypass security camera.

The Best Places to Install Cameras and Sensors

First, you will install this around the perimeter of your home. One of the best places that you can install security cameras is around the perimeter. The perimeter will usually have a gate or fence around it. You could consider the driveway and the front yard as the secondary perimeter. Having a home security assessment from a locksmith that you trust goes a long way to guiding your security efforts to protect yourself.

Defend the Main Entrance Points

The key entrance points will have higher foot traffic, and this will make them more vulnerable to a burglar. Burglars like this method because it provides them with the most direct way to get into the home. Put sensors and surveillance cameras near the main entrance points to capture footage of the burglar.

Most burglary statistics show that burglars prefer to enter through the main access points. That is the reason you should install them for side doors, back doors and front doors.

Beware of Auxiliary Access Points

This is not so much about lock replacement as not having to replace your locks. If you have someone that is moving in or you just want an extra pair of keys to hold onto go to a locksmith. It may be a little more expensive but it is worth it to know that the job got do correctly and that the key is not going to have random flaws in it when you go to use it for the first time.

Beware of Auxiliary Access Points

Many burglars believe that the auxiliary access point won’t get checked. If you install cameras and sensors in these areas, it will put a good balance on your security. At the same time, it lowers the chances that someone will try to break in through this method. Any of these points can get exploited if you don’t put it to a stop right away, but security cameras at windows will usually be the least effective on their own. You may want to bolster window security and upgrade the locks for maximum protection.

Local Locksmith

While a good security system can deter burglars in some cases, that doesn’t mean that it always will. You can also use this to monitor your home and keep it safe from burglars. Take the time to understand some of the security weaknesses that your home has and use it to add extra security at those points. You can consult with a locksmith to make sure that you have added the surveillance cameras in the right areas for the greatest effectiveness.

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