Emergency Car Door Unlocking

Here at Star Locksmith Philadelphia, we have encountered many customers with locked keys in the car. You may have an appointment or a job that you have to arrive at as soon as possible. Hiring a locksmith for an emergency car door unlocking can get you back in your vehicle and heading to your appointment.

Why You Shouldn’t Smash a Window

In a panic, you may think to smash a window, but we would advise against this because of how it costs anywhere from $100 to $350 to replace a window. In comparison, a locksmith’s emergency car services will usually cost anywhere from $50 to $150. In some cases, insurance companies cover it for free, depending on your policy. If you have a roadside assistance policy, this will cover you.

Do Police Unlock Doors for Free?

Unless in an extreme circumstance like an infant was locked in a hot car, the police won’t unlock your car door for free. If locked out and you have an emergency with no immediate danger, call a locksmith about your car lockout. They will send out someone immediately.

Advantages of Calling a Locksmith

You have a few reasons that you may want to call the locksmith during times like this. Some of the reasons include:

  • Fast response

  • Widely available

  • Extensive training

  • Available 24 hours a day

  • Remote location assistance

A car lockout can make you feel silly, but rest assured, most people have experienced one. Calling in a locksmith brings in the professionals to handle it for you. The average locksmith can unlock your car door in 10 minutes or less, freeing you up to continue your day.

Emergency Car Door Unlocking

When you need an emergency locksmith because you have locked keys in the car, you will know it in most cases. You do have some circumstances to know when it might be time to call in an emergency locksmith. For example, you have a scheduled appointment or a business meeting within the next hour. Missing the meeting is out of the question, so you call in an emergency locksmith to handle the car lockout as quickly as possible. You might call an emergency locksmith whenever you don’t have the time to unlock the door yourself. Trying to unlock the door can work in some cases, but when time is of the essence, you have to move fast.

How to Unlock a Car

Especially the new car models of today, you can unlock them remotely. For anyone prone to locking their keys in the car, they may find this advantageous. You have different apps available that can help you unlock your car door. How does this technology work? To unlock the door, you ask the person with the remote to press the button over the microphone. This transmits a sound to the cellphone to unlock the car door. The door unlocks through a radio signal.

What to Know About Emergency Locksmiths and Unlocking Doors

An emergency car door unlocking does require some verification. Locksmiths request this information because they want to verify the identity of the owner. Imagine if they didn’t do this. Car thieves would call a locksmith to have the door unlocked. As soon as they had the door unlocked, they would steal the car. Information needed to verify your identity includes:

  • Valid photo ID

  • Name

  • Address

Without a valid ID, the locksmith will refuse to unlock the door in most cases. They do this for the safety of everyone involved. Some states like California even require locksmiths to legally verify the ID of the person before unlocking the door. Any legitimate locksmith will make this a requirement. Keep in mind, you have a right to ask the locksmith for their identification, also.

What Does an Emergency Locksmith Mean?

This means that a locksmith offers his services during the “out of hours” service schedule. Normally, it involves when you locked your keys in the car or experienced a lockout. Emergency locksmiths will usually come to you to perform the services. In most cases, they offer availability 24 hours a day.

Difference between Emergency Locksmith and 911

We should articulate the differences between when you should call a locksmith and when you should alert the police. Call 911 any time that you think your life may be in danger. An emergency locksmith wasn’t made to handle situations like that. They can’t help you as well as a police officer. While police officers will do their best to unlock the door, if they can’t, they will have a tow truck tow it. This will be put on your bill.

What to Look for in a Locksmith

At Star Locksmith, we have licensing, bonding and insurance to protect our customers. Any legitimate locksmith that you hire should have licensing, bonding and insurance because it lowers the risk that they will damage your locks. A good locksmith should never damage your locks to open them. In fact, that indicates a lack of experience.

Having a good locksmith on hand can make a big difference. Usually, an emergency locksmith can respond in as little as 30 minutes. A reputable locksmith will arrive in a timely fashion. They won’t leave you standing around waiting for hours, and an emergency locksmith drives to your location to unlock your car door. At Star Locksmith Philadelphia, we have the best emergency locksmith in town who will respond promptly to requests. When you call us, you will learn more about our services. We serve the greater Philadelphia region.


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