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Home Lockout How to Handle It | Star Locksmith Philadelphia

Let’s say you locked yourself out of the home. How do you get back into the house? In the worst case scenario, you can call out a Star Locksmith Philadelphia technician. Our expert locksmiths demonstrate an ongoing willingness to help customers who may have locked themselves out of the home. Before you Google, “locksmith near me,” however, you should try a few of these things. They might get you back into the home without the need to call a locksmith.

Look for an Open Door

You don’t want to call a locksmith to find out later that you had an unlocked door somewhere. First, go around the home and search for an open door. Turn all the door handles because you never know if you left one of the doors unlocked. In some cases, forgetfulness saves the day, and most importantly, it keeps you from calling a locksmith when you didn’t need one.

Open or Unlocked Windows

If you have exhausted all the doors, you might look for windows that you left open or unlocked.

Important to note: Never break a window. You have a couple of problems with this. First, you can seriously injure yourself. You could have to pay more to replace the window than what you would a locksmith.

To put it into perspective, a locksmith will usually cost anywhere from $50 to $100. You could pay anywhere from $450 to $600 for a new window. Windows with a wood frame will cost between $800 to $1,000, and that doesn’t plan for a possible injury from shattered glass.

Before you decide to crawl through an open window, first check for safety. You don’t want a trip in the ambulance. Make sure that you feel comfortable before you crawl through the window. If anything feels questionable, skip this and continue to the next step.

Does the Garage Door Work?

Many people leave the garage door unlocked, and they forget to check this door. It leads to the inside of the home, and if you have access to opening the garage door, you could get into the house.

Anyone with a Spare Key?

You might think of the people you gave a spare key, such as parents, family members, friends, housekeepers, babysitters or a trusted neighbor. Call them to see if they’re home. Once you have scrolled through this list of options, you may want to call a locksmith. Google, “locksmith near me” to see who you have nearby.

Home Lockout

Here at Star Locksmith, we always advise our customers to research the locksmiths that they hire. A bad locksmith can damage the locks of your home, or they could even compromise home security. Believe it or not, some locksmiths do this job to case homes that they can come back to later to burglarize. Unfortunately, you don’t have enough regulation in this industry to sift out the frauds.

ood locksmith, choose a licensed, bonded and insured company because it guarantees the safety of your home and your locks. Star Locksmith is licensed, bonded and insured, and we offer professional 24/7 services to the community of Philadelphia. We will come out no matter how big or small of a job.

How to Prevent Future Lockouts

Now that we have looked at the steps to handle a home lockout, let’s look at how to prevent future home lockout. First, you might hide a spare key, but we implore you not to hide it in obvious places like under a rug or in the flower garden next to the home. Burglars have learned to check spots like this.

You have a couple of places that work better like:

  • The birdhouse

  • Inside a brick

  • Under fake dog poop

  • On the inside of a fake sprinkler

  • Inside outdoor socket cover


We’d like to highlight that we don’t recommend everyone chooses this choice because of how keyless poses its own set of challenges. For example, keyless locks need good defense as a lock, and they need defense technologically. Traditionally locks only need defense in one area. We might recommend this to customers if they lock themselves out of their home often.

You could pay an average of $155 for a solid keyless lock, but we recommend that you research the brands carefully. We could also give you a reputable choice on keyless locks to ensure you choose one that will hold its weight against burglars. Unfortunately, not all of these locks were created equal, and some keyless locks offer better security than others.

Exercise Caution Opening Your Own Locks

If you picked your own locks, you should take precautionary measures, and we’d usually advise against this. Someone uninformed in the art of lock picking could damage their locks, which weakens home security and leaves them vulnerable to burglars. Paying for new locks can cost you more than outright hiring a locksmith.

Within the United States, 16,000 car and home lockout happen each and every day. Accidentally misplace your keys many homeowners have experienced this at one time or another. It happens. Knowing how to handle this when it happens can give you a general outline.

Someone Broke into Your Home

It can be easy to pick out any locksmith services in the phone book or google, but make sure you pick one that will work for you. We have plenty of locations that include:

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