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You might feel annoyed and even somewhat embarrassed at a home lockouts. Misplacing the keys, however, is a common problem, and most people will experience it at least one time in their lives. Many people will experience this multiple times. Here at Star Locksmith in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we have encountered many people who have done this. That’s why we’re going to show you some techniques that can help you to avoid accidentally getting locked out of your home lockouts.

Habits Win Wars

To prevent yourself from getting locked out, make it a habit to have a routine key schedule. Always put your keys in the same place. In this way, you can always remember where you put them, and you don’t have to worry that you will be late. For example, you might place them in a desk or on a counter out of obvious sight. Never put them close to the front door or window because of how this makes it easy for someone to come along and steal your keys.

They could make a copy of them and put them back in place without you ever knowing it. You might also establish a key bowl where you habitually put your keys. After it becomes habit to put them there, you will be less likely to forget them and lock yourself out.

Home Lockouts

You might make a ritual where you check your pockets before you leave the home lockouts. This can keep you from accidentally locking yourself out. In fact, it’s likely one of the most effective ways of preventing it. Don’t beat yourself up if you forget the first few times. It takes time to build a habit, and once you have established it, it will keep you from experiencing home lockouts.

Have a Spare Key Made

Hire Star Locksmith Philadelphia to fashion up a spare key for you. However, we implore you never to hide your keys in obvious and accessible places like under the welcome mat or having it in a garden pot next to the house. Unfortunately, burglars check these places first, and it becomes a great security risk. Have it made and put your key either with a family member or inside of a brick or behind the license plate of your car. This keeps you with a spare in a place where criminals aren’t as likely to look.

Smart Locks

Smart locks do have some home security problems, but they have an advantage over traditional locks. That advantage being how you can’t lock yourself out of the home lockouts. Smart locks use a code that you type in, and as long as you don’t forget the code, you can’t get locked out. With that said, use a reputable brand of smart locks. Also, tell a trusted family member the code so that if you forget the code, you can still get into the home.

Smart locks could use a code, but in other cases, they use fingerprint technology or eye-scanning locks. With a battery lock on the smart lock, you may want to keep a spare key because when the battery dies, it can leave you locked out without a spare. The same goes for a power surge.

Have a Key Finder

When you continue to lock yourself out, you might consider buying a key finder. You put a microchip on your key, which helps you to track it more easily. In this way, you can track where you misplaced your keys. Granted, this doesn’t always help if you have locked your keys in the home, but it can help you to find your keys if you’re prone to losing them.

Stay Proactive

To prevent a lockout, you should remain proactive against it. This keeps it from ever happening in the first place. Proactive measures go a long way to keeping you from that situation. As the doctor says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. Some of the things that you can do to stay proactive include:

  • Remove self-locking door knobs

  • Maintain the locks

  • Keep door mechanism from sticking

  • Clean the lock

  • Avoid scratching locks

What Not to Do

You can take hasty measures that can create more problems than the initial one. Let’s say that you broke your toe kicking the door. Would you then go and break your foot next? What sense does that make? For that reason, you shouldn’t ever leave a window or door unlocked to try to prevent a house lockout. It’s better to get locked out and call us than to leave this big of a gap in your security.

Also, don’t break a window if you lock yourself out. Not only can this send you to the emergency room if you do it wrong, but it costs more to break a window than what it does to call a reputable cost of locksmith. The same goes for kicking in the door because you could wind up with a cost for replacing the door frame. It costs around $255 for an exterior door, and it costs $170 for a new door frame. This costs more than what it is worth breaking in for.

Local Locksmith Near Me

At Star Locksmith Philadelphia, we can also fashion up a spare key because proactive measures can prevent a lockout. The spare key is most likely the most effective way to prevent lockouts. You just have to be smart about where you hide it because you don’t want to hide it anywhere that a potential burglar might look. If you practice these things, you should lower the risk that you will experience a lockout from the home.


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