Someone Broke into Your Home What Now?

Someone Broke into Your Home What Now? | Star Locksmith Philadelphia

You arrive home after a Friday night dinner with the wife to discover your front door’s glass shattered. As you enter the home, you see papers scattered over the floor, the couch upturned and all your glasses in the kitchen in shattered pieces on the stone tile. To make matters worse, you learn that your 72-inch flat screen and several other valuable items have gone missing. The total cost of the damage and stolen property comes out to $2,416. That’s the average cost of a burglary to homeowners, but the emotional toll of having your home broken into can’t be understated either. What do you do after someone has ransacked and burglarized your home?

Call the Police

First, you need to contact law enforcement because you need documentation that a burglary happened. This also helps you collect insurance money, and if the burglar gets arrested in the future, the documentation serves as additional evidence that they had previously burglarized your home, someone broke into your home and the courts could link them to that burglary as well. Don’t touch anything in the home before you have alerted the police. You don’t want to destroy potential evidence like footprints or fingerprints. You will want to collect witness statements of anyone who might have seen the burglar enter the home.

Update the Locks and Security

Just because a burglar hit your home once doesn’t mean that they won’t return for a second or third round. In fact, once a burglar gets comfortable with your property, he might someone broke into your home multiple times because of the ease and familiarity.

Call your local locksmith to ensure you have the highest level of security camera on your door. The locksmith will also know where to identify break-in points on the home because many times, their work doubles them as security experts for businesses and residencies.

Locksmith Near Me

If you are looking for a locksmith in your area the best thing to do is search things like locksmith near me or local locksmith. Good locks matter, but you need a strong door and a good door frame as well. Your local locksmith understands how the locks will only have as much security as the rest of the home.

Install an Alarm System

Some cases, you might feel peace of mind to install an alarm system because it will alert the police to any suspicious activity in the home. Most burglars don’t bother with alarm systems because they don’t want the trouble. Instead, they will look for an easier target. In addition, anything loud that draws attention to the property will send the burglar sprinting for the exit. Burglars don’t want to get caught.

Have a Home Security Assessment

Type in, “Locksmith near me,” and give them a call. Could you even call Star Locksmith to assess the security of your home. We will look at the vulnerabilities on the property. Many homeowners believe they have tight security on the property, which is why they often have an open-jaw and wide eyes as they learn how easily someone could break into their home. A professional locksmith can assess the security on the home, and they will look at the property as a whole, such as the outbuildings too.

Want you to stop an intruder before they have the chance to enter the home. An expert locksmith can help to add to the security of your home.

Only Use Approved Locksmiths

Star Locksmith Philadelphia does business in Philadelphia, and we have encountered a lot of people who hired a previous locksmith that failed to do the job correctly. This industry doesn’t have regulations which has led to frauds. We are bonded, licensed and insured, so you know that you can trust us with the security of your home.

An expert locksmith can identify the lock simply by looking at it, and they can pick the lock within minutes without damage to the door. A bad locksmith? They have even been known to damage the doors that they try to help you unlock. Have you to exercise caution with who you hire in this business.

Install Sensor Lighting around the Property

Most locksmiths will advise that you install sensor lighting around the outside of the home because this deters burglars from getting in. Burglars feel most comfortable under the blanket of darkness, and the last thing that you want is a comfortable burglar. He will have a much harder time if his movement will turn the lights on on the home. Someone broke into your home.

Good Security Practices

In general, security experts advise that you don’t put lights on in the downstairs hallways because a thief can look into someone broke into your hometo see if you’re there. Instead, you may want to turn on the lights upstairs because they can’t see in. You want to take proactive measures, rather than wait until someone steals from you.

Even when you go out to the garden of your home, you may want to lock the door because many cases of burglary have happened when the individual was sunning themselves in the garden outside and the burglar crept inside the home.

Local Locksmith

Once you have installed an alarm system, you should understand how to use it. While many people have installed alarm systems, they don’t know how to use them. Acquaint yourself with it. Good locksmiths will show you how the security you have installed works, and they will show you how to maximize its potential.

Consider a Dog

In one survey with 86 burglars, an Idaho news station learned how most burglars didn’t bother with homes that had large and loud dogs. For one thing, they didn’t want to get bit, but they also didn’t want to draw attention to themselves with the racket. Someone broke into your home.

A dog serves as your first line of defense, and they can sometimes even detect things on the property that you would not see. Can you even teach your dog how to effectively guard your home. Some burglars will try to distract the dog with treats. You have to properly train your dog to prepare him for these things.

Security Measures

Have many things that you can do, but a security system can go a long way. Some of the security measures to install on your property include:

  • Mobile solutions to manage and check property security.

  • Motion sensor lighting to give the burglar no hiding places.

  • Video surveillance to catch suspicious activity on the property.

  • Alarms that go off the moment a break-in occurs.

When you Google, “Locksmith near me,” you will find a variety of choices. You have to remember to hire someone who understands the trade well. After your home gets broken into, extra security goes a long way as a deterrent, and a good locksmith can help to implement security measures that keep the burglar from coming back.

Someone Broke into Your Home

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