How to Prevent a Burglary when on Vacation

Here’s a fact for you: Burglaries have a six percent higher chance of happening between 6 am to 6 pm when most people aren’t home. Most burglars don’t want to target a home with someone on the property. It increases the risk of violence or an arrest. Because of that, they look for opportunities where you will be elsewhere. Burglars love to target homes when they know someone will go on vacation. Nothing feels worse than to come home from a relaxing vacation to learn that a burglar cleaned you out. Let’s have a look at how to prevent burglaries while on vacation.

Alarm System – Leave the Lights on Upstairs

Leaving the lights on upstairs, no one can tell for sure if you have gone away. On the lower floors, they might see no one inside the home. The lights serve as a deterrent because many burglars will think someone is home. Most burglars look for the easiest prey. They don’t want to get caught. If they believe you’re home, many will wait till you leave. Signs of life can go a long way to preventing a burglary. You might leave a car parked outside or keep the lamps on.

Have Someone Watch over the Property

You have many people who will request that a trusted friend come in and watch over the property. Ask the neighbors to grab your mail to prevent a buildup of it. You could ask a friend to leave a different light on every few days so that it doesn’t look suspicious. Your friends can make it appear like someone watches over the property.

Get a Big Dog

Most burglars don’t mess with big, loud dogs because a dog might either bite them or draw a lot of attention. They can find other properties that don’t have dogs. In most cases, burglars will search for the warning signs of a dog before they target a home. Much like the mailman, burglars and dogs don’t get along.

Beware of Social Media Posts

You have burglars who might target you even on social media. If they see that you have flown to Miami for a week, they will take it as a prime opportunity for thieving. Many locksmiths recommend that you post photos of your family vacation after you return. While away, don’t use geolocation photos. You never know who lurks on your social media profile.

Install Motion Detection Lights

Motion detection lights Maz-Tek plug in motion sensor lights with adjustable brightness will light up the property and keep the burglars at bay. Burglars thrive under the cover of darkness. They might lurk in the bushes or sneak down a dark alley. Being seen is one of their worst nightmares because it increases the risk that they will get caught. It sounds like a small step, but it can have a huge impact.

Increase Security around the Front Door

An estimated 34 percent of burglars enter through the front door. Beef up security with upgraded locks and security cameras. Motion detector lights work well here. Through good safety protocol, you can make it harder for the burglar to have an easy time.

Install an Alarm System

Perhaps one of the best active deterrents, an alarm system ensures that if someone does enter the property, dispatch will send in a police officer. Even while away on vacation, an alarm system can prove a huge help. Star Locksmith Philadelphia can recommend a dependable alarm system. Keep in mind, everyone’s needs with alarm systems will differ. The more valuables in the home, the more security you want.

Don’t Tell Everyone About Your Upcoming Vacation

As tempting as it might feel, don’t let everyone know about your vacation. Wait until after you have had it to tell people. Like with social media, you never know who will capitalize on the opportunity. Many people will feel jealous of your vacation, and you don’t want to ruin the vacation because someone burglarized your home while you were away. The news could leak out to the wrong person who uses it as an opportunity. If you tell anyone, keep it between close friends and trusted family. You don’t want a burglar knowing that they have as much time as they need to steal your most prized possessions.

Alert Your Alarm Company

You want to notify your representative because he can look after the property in your absence. He can also check to see that the alarm has been properly set. In some cases, you can monitor the property remotely with your smartphone.

Properly Secure Your Valuables

Anything that you think a burglar might target in your absence should be secured. Don’t leave anything out in the open that looks valuable. This matters even when not on vacation because a burglar can swoop in fast and steal your valuables. You might put your valuables in a hidden safe or one that you have bolted to concrete. Beware of curtainless windows because burglars can use this to case the place. In most cases, burglars first look for valuables before they make the leap of breaking into a home. Is it worth it?

Vacation time can put your property at risk. Especially if a burglar realizes you’re on vacation, it gives them as much time as needed to clean out your valuables. Most burglaries only take between eight to 12 minutes, which gives them a limited time frame to check for valuables. If they know you’re on vacation or simply not home over an extended period of time, however, they might take longer, which can mean they walk away with more.


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