Home Being Watched by Burglars? Here’s How to Handle It

Most burglars who strike check out the home beforehand. Don’t think of burglary as a spur-of-the-moment crime. They have probably scoured the property for a while to look for weaknesses, and worse, you may not even know they do it. The burglar will look at the weaknesses and the best time to break in without getting arrested. How do you respond to someone trying to break into your property?

Understand the Telltale Signs

You have a few telltale signs that burglars have marked your home for surveillance. Understanding the signs can mitigate the risk because you can take further counteractive measures against them. The signs that a burglar has marked your home include:

  • Strange markings on the property.

  • Someone rifled through your bins.

  • Home Being Watched

  • Repeated calls from an unknown number.

  • Issues with lights on the exterior of the property.

In some cases, burglars will mark your home with golf balls, or they might put flyers or a sticker on the door. Burglars occasionally do this to tell their accomplices that you’re not home being watched. Pay special attention if signs like this keep happening because it could indicate that burglars have marked your home. Now that we’ve covered the signs, let’s have a look at what to do about it.

Upgrades Locks on Windows and Doors

If you ever have any questions about the locks on your windows and doors, speak with a locksmith. They can assess if you have enough security. At Star Locksmith Philadelphia, we’re a locksmith in Philadelphia. Tightening up your security can make a huge difference because burglars look for fast and easy targets. If they see that you have upgraded your security, they may look for greener pastures, rather than target a home with tight security. That’s not to say that upgraded locks will stop a burglar. If they see something valuable enough, they will go after it. However, you lower the risk of them continuing to target your home through upgrading the security.

Don’t Keep Valuables out in the Open

One thing that can put you on the burglar’s radar comes from when you have a lot of valuables on your front lawn. The burglar may wonder what you have inside the home. Not only that, but he may steal the stuff you have out in the open. Even in the garage, keep your valuables away from windows. Google, “Locksmith near me, ” and most of them will tell you how burglars will first look in your windows before they decide if it is worth the trouble of breaking into.

Have a Security Audit Performed

Unsure about the locks on your home? You might have a locksmith in Philadelphia perform a security audit. This can help you to learn about the security level on your property and how to beef it up. Your locksmith will check some of the most common techniques that burglars use to see if they work on your home. For example, burglars like to use a technique called lock snapping where they try to break the locking mechanism. Using anti-snap locks will provide you with one more layer of defense, which stops other techniques too like drilling, lock bumping and picking.

Home Being Watched

You can only do so much to stop someone from watching your property. If you believe that someone has taken to watching your property, you may want to notify the police. Provide as much information as possible because many times, police can find a pattern in it from other burglaries. You calling in could stop other crimes from happening.

Speak with Your Neighbors

Along with calling the police, you may want to speak with your neighbors too. Learning of a potential burglar in the neighborhood, you keep your neighbor safe too by watching out for each other. One report learned how a neighborhood watch program decreased crime by as much as 16 percent in the areas that used it. Neighborhood watch programs can be effective, but you have to implement them in the right way.

Add a Home Security System

Google, “Locksmiths near me,” and you will find how they can add a home security system to the property too. You have several options that you can use to boost your security. Based on an article from the New York Times, they learned how only 36 million American households had home security out of 127.59 million households. Less than 30 percent of American households have a home security system. That puts you at an advantage if you have one because you will stand out as a more difficult property to rob. Having home security may not stop a burglar if they want something badly enough, but it can stop the less determined burglars.

Many will pass you up because they don’t want the trouble. Because of enough homes without a home security system, they don’t have to break into a home with it.

If your home is being watched by burglars, you can gain a lot from talking with a locksmith. Have a home security audit conducted on the property. This can pinpoint your weaknesses that a burglar may try to exploit. You want to nip this problem in the bud because once a burglar hits your home. They may come back multiple times. The burglar may not even live more than 5 miles from your home. Take active measures to stop burglars.


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