Best Car Keys Replacement Services in Philadelphia

How much it costs to replace car keys will vary based on the type of key. Basic keys may cost $50, but for an advanced key fob, people have paid as much as $500. At Star Locksmith, we provide some of the best key replacement services in Philadelphia. Rather than head down to a car dealership, people choose the locksmith because of its convenience and expertise. Car dealerships serve multiple purposes, but they don’t have a specialization in locks or keys. That means that it takes longer to replace keys.

Pay Less with a Locksmith

Key replacement at the dealership will cost more than replacement with a locksmith. They tend to charge more because of the overhead at dealerships. Locksmiths deal directly in locks. Many people choose an off-site mechanic for the same reason. You pay less than having a dealership mechanic work on it. The same happens with locks and keys from the dealership.

Not only does the locksmith replace the key fob faster, but you pay less. That makes it the superior choice. Even if you have a more complicated key fob, locksmiths can still replace it with the same efficiency as a dealership.

Best Car Keys Replacement Services in Philadelphia

If you have a lost key policy, you may even receive coverage for the replacement cost. First, check to see that you meet the time conditions. Each insurance policy differs, but you have guidelines that you must meet. Before you sign the line for the lost key policy, read it carefully to ensure that it provides real coverage. Some policies only cover specific situations, such as waiting for shipping new keys.

Why Choose Us over the Dealership

You have a few reasons that Star Locksmith Philadelphia takes home the gold medal for replacing keys for the car, and it includes:

Many times, dealerships have limited availability when it comes to key replacement. They will only have their doors open during business hours. Locksmiths, on the other hand, have 24-hour availability for emergency services. We can come out at any time to help customers, and we have the training to resolve your issue faster than a dealership.

Having the Equipment

Our locksmiths have the right equipment to replace the car keys from any type of vehicle. The make and model do not matter. Specialty keys do require the right equipment from a locksmith, but they can even replace specialty keys. Along with key replacement, Star Locksmith Philadelphia can repair or replace ignition switches and door locks.

Top-Notch Convenience

If you head to the car dealership, you have to drop by a physical location. Locksmiths differ in that we come right to you. For example, with a mobile car locksmith, we will deliver the replacement keys straight to you. Mobile key making services are available. You can get them at any time.

Want More Options?

Choosing a locksmith, you don’t have to stick with the same key for your duplication. Car dealerships usually don’t give you the choice of the type of key that you want, but a locksmith may offer to upgrade your car key to higher security. You could get a key fob, a high-security key or an entirely different type of car key.

Difference of Cost between Car Dealership and a Locksmith

Ask for a replacement key from a car dealership and you can expect to pay at least $200, depending on the car and its key fob. One Lexus dealership quoted $374 to replace a new key fob with its programming. In comparison, a locksmith will usually cost less than whatever the dealership quoted. You can’t give a specific price because of how it depends based on the key.

Experienced Team of Professionals

When you hire our locksmiths, all our technicians have licensing, bonding and insurance. You want this because it leads to a superior customer experience. We serve the greater Philadelphia area, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Since we’re locally owned, you support a business that gives back to the community.

How to Save Cash When Buying a Car

Anyone who plans to buy a car may want to ask the dealership for a spare set of car keys upfront. This can save you later from having to have a locksmith make replacement car keys. You include this as part of the negotiation to save cash for an unforeseen event. Check both sets of keys before you sign off to ensure that you have a good spare set. Having a spare set of keys can save you time and money. However, if you lost your keys and need replacement car keys, Star Locksmith Philadelphia offers the best services in Philadelphia.

No Need for an Appointment

With a dealership, you may have to request an appointment. Locksmiths don’t require appointments because much of the time, our services are needed in a flash. If you have lost your keys, you need someone with the right equipment to replace them.

This only shows you one of several services that our locksmith can do. We can replace keys for the car, help with lockouts or send in an emergency locksmith. Our locksmith services include a free quote on the service provided so that you don’t deal with unwelcome surprises. We believe that transparency with our customers does matter. Having a good locksmith on hand when you need them can save money. If you’ve lost your keys for the car, you most likely need them for commuting to work. The sooner you get a replacement, the better.


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