Types Locks And Locksmiths

Locksmiths are people who specializes in changing, repairing, and unlocking locks on cars, houses, businesses and safes. They also are trained in installing security systems. This type of job requires you to go through training throughout your career because different locks are made and new improvements are made to locks and security systems.

Types Locks Used On Houses

Some locks are better to use on doors leading outside, whereas some locks are better used on the inside. The types of locks that can be found in a house are:

Doorknob Locks

These locks are used mainly on bathroom or bedroom doors. They are also used on front or back doors on houses but are often paired with another type of locks so that your house is more secure. The locking mechanism is inside the doorknob and these can be single or double cylinder.

Handle Set Locks

These are used on the outside of doors and has a more appealing look than other locks. The handles are placed on the outside along with a key opening or a twist knob on the inside.These locks are often paired with a deadbolt for more security.

Hand Levers Lock

Hand lever locks are really good for closets or basement doors. Locksmiths say these are good for inside doors but not real good for outside doors. They do not provide a very good secure locking mechanism. These are also easy to open with one hand.

Deadbolt Locks

These locks are installed above or below the doorknob and provides extra security and protection. These are harder for intruders to get inside your house when installed. Like doorknobs, deadbolts can be single or double cylinder but double cylinder provides even more protection.

Barrel Bolt

Barrel bolts are installed inside the house so you can lock these from the inside. These locks are in two parts; one piece attaches to the door and the other piece goes on the door frame. You can install as man as you want on your doors to provide protection because the people on the inside are the only ones who know they are there.

Chain Locks

These locks are normally installed on hotel doors. This type of locks allow you to open the door some so you can see who is at the door, while the door is still locked. In order to open the door, you have to shut the door and unhook the chain before it will open all the way. You install the locking assembly on the door and the chain attached to the door frame.

Cam Locks

These locks are normally found on items that are within the house. Cam locks are found on filing cabinets, mailboxes, lockers and low security bank deposit boxes. These locks are flat or tubular with a key that is the same shape to lock and unlock the locks.

Simple Padlocks

The padlocks are used a lot on things that does not need high security, like sheds or storage units. They lock into their rectangle body.

Circular Padlocks

This type of padlocks provides more security because of how they are shaped and are thicker. When these locks go to lock, they form a circle.

Electronic Locks

This type of lock does not require a key instead you have a keypad or a card system. These locks will lock automatically. Electronic locks can be paired with a key or come with a remote entry system. The remote entry system can be opened with your smart phone or computer.

Smart Locks And Their System

This is the newest type of locks. Types locks your smart phone is the key so you can allow access from anywhere. These locks provides you with video and audio monitoring along with other features so you have complete control over your house. The smart locks do have a keyhole if you want to use a key. There are three different types of lock. These types of locks are Bluetooth, WiFi, and z-wave.

Bluetooth Smart Lock

Bluetooth Types of locks is the most common one used. This one connects directly to your phone with no app needed. It will unlock you house when are within range. However, if you are out of range, you can not control your locks.

WiFi Smart Locks

WiFi connection types locks allows you to control your locks from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. These types of locks will drain batteries unlike the Bluetooth locks. Types locks.

Z-wave Smart Locks

Types locks Z-wave locks requires a hub to connect to them. You still have to be within a certain range of the locks to work. You can have a range extender if you want. [Kwikset 98880 SmartCode]. 

Child Proof Locks

These types of locks are used for the safety of your children. They are used to keep your children out of things that they should not be in. Types locks.

Refrigerator Door Locks

The most common type of refrigerator lock is a button lock. This type of lock is mounted on the refrigerator door that clasp to the hook which is attached to the refrigerator.

Cabinet Lock

Cabinet types locks are installed either the inside of the door or around the handle. Most people use the inside door lock. Types locks.

Oven Door Locks

These are used to prevent the doors opening when little children pull up to them. The most common one is the no drill lock that uses adhesive pieces. this type of lock can be used in cabinets, refrigerators types locks, and more.

Door Top Locks

These are located at the tops of doors where children can not reach them. These are good for small children who has figured out how to open doors and gates. Types locks.

What Can You Call Locksmiths For

Locksmiths can be called for several things and most of the time it is for businesses or homes that needs locks changed. Sometimes people call them because they have locked their keys in their car and needs someone to get them out without breaking or damaging anything in the process. Locksmiths helps many people with different needs. If you locks are broke, needs changed, or re-keyed even locksmiths can do it.

Locks Talked About In This Article

Most of the types locks in this article can be re-keyed, replaced, or repaired. Some of these locks you do not need a locksmith for but a lot of them can be installed by a locksmith or serviced by a locksmith. These are all locks that are important to have in your house and if you need help installing them then you can always call a locksmith near me to come and do it for you.

Car Locks

Car locks are a different type of lock all together. There are certain ways to unlock a locked car without the key. Most of the time it takes stick a bar down in between the door panel and the door frame so that it can pop the locking mechanism up so that it will unlock your car. Types locks.

Business Locks

Most businesses uses one of the door locks with a deadbolt on their front door so that people can not break in. On the office doors inside the buildings, they will use a different type of doorknob or hand lever handles on their office door. This way they can lock their doors and keep people out that they do not want in their offices but does not have the same level of security that deadbolts have. Businesses use the hand lever handles because it is easy for people with disabilities to use and open. This makes your offices accessible to everyone.

Security Systems

Most locksmiths can provide their own security systems for homes and businesses. This means they provides you with all the cameras and hard drives that is needed. They have been trained to install these systems and can provide you with top of the line systems that are offered. They can also provide you with 24/7 customer service on your system if you have any questions. There are times that you have to call a third party for information on your security system so the piece of mind that you can just call your local locksmith is really nice.

Knowing Your Locksmith

It is important that you know your locksmith or at least trust the company because these are people that you are allowing in your home, business or vehicle. You are also allowing them to change your locks or re-key your locks so they will have the stuff to make a copy of the key if they would want to. This is what makes it important to trust your locksmith and know who you have in your home or business. Building a relationship with the people that you have working on your locks helps because then you are comfortable with asking questions if you have any or calling if there is a problem.

24/7 Customer Service

When looking for locksmith near me, it is important to find one that has a 24/7 call line in case of emergencies. When you have a local locksmith that is available to answer any calls or come and fix a lock if needed anytime of the day is the best thing. You never know when you will need help in the afternoon or at night so it is always nice to have someone that can come fix the problem for you.

Locksmiths Are Important

Some of the most important people are the ones that people do not think of or even would normally consider important. However, locksmiths are the people that makes sure that your house and office has effective doorknobs that are going to help protect your family and your workers. They are also the people that can help you get into your car if it is locked and keys are in it. They work hard on knowing their trade and how to provide people with the best service. Locks are used everywhere for all different functions and it requires someone that knows how the locks works and what needs to function a certain way to work right. Without people that know this information, then you would not have locks that were installed correctly or would not have the keys needed to get in if you lost them.

Re-Keying a Lock

It is just as important to know how to re-key a lock as it is to know how to change out a lock. When someone loses their keys instead of buying a new lock and changing them out, you can have a locksmith change the locking mechanism to fit a different key. You would want that part to be changed because you do not want to have another key made that fits the old lock and then someone else having access to your house or business with the set of keys that was lost or stolen. Safety is important and locksmiths help with that by making sure that you have top of the line locks and security systems. Re-keying makes it to where you can keep your handles but you have a different key. Locksmiths are important and have an important job in helping keep people safe.


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