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Star Locksmith Services Solutions | Star Locksmith PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia residents have come to rely on the services provided by Star Locksmith professionals for various kinds of emergency situations. It could be that you have suddenly found yourself locked out of your car or home and needs to regain entry immediately or you are looking for a professional to help you perform a security check or cut a new set of keys for you. Locksmith Services Solutions.
In addition to providing emergency services to people in need, the professionals at Star Locksmith also provide various solutions designed to enhance the security of your home with as minimal fuss as possible.

What Kind of Lock Do You Need to Change or Replace?

There are three main types of locks found in commercial or residential properties. They include:

Yale Lock/ Latch Lock

It comes in many different variations and varying dimensions’/back sets, but the same principle generally applies.
• Slam or pull the door shut and the latch automatically locks itself. Requires a key to access the premises from outside.
• You can open the lock by pulling the lever located on the inner part of the residence.
• Mainly used on back/front entrances.

Mortice Style Locks

The lock is traditionally fitted into an entrance. It is also operated through the use of a long brass key that has been fitted with teeth. It tends to come in a symmetrical pattern.

Euro-Lock Cylinder

This is yet another highly popular lock that can be found in many security applications and door locks. It can be found in door types such as:

• Key switches that rely on roller shutters to operate. Mainly used on business premises
• UPVC doors
• Apartment doors
• Timber multipoint door locks.

If not sure on which type of lock to have installed in your home, be sure to consult your local locksmith.

Car Key Programming

If you need your car key reprogrammed, look no further than a 24/7 locksmith. An auto locksmith can help with a remote car key or transponder car key issues such as:

• The transponder chip located inside the remote has suddenly become damaged or broken
• Provide as well as repair replacement key fobs
• Furnish you with spare transponder key fobs
Remote car key fob has stopped working

Types of Car Keys that Can Be Programmed

This means that your vehicle will only start after the ignition has received the right code. Star Locksmith Services Solutions. Some of the popular kinds of keys that require programming on a regular basis include:

• Key cards and flip type keys
• Car keys that come with an integrated transponder chip. This applies to all cars manufactured after 1995.
• Car key accompanied by a remote fob. This is meant to provide keyless vehicle entry.

Secure Safe Removal and Relocation

Apart from helping you regain access to your car or home, you can also rely on Philadelphia locksmith services to help you safely remove and relocate a safe. People often have different reasons for wanting to move a safe. They include:
• A simple moving exercise to move the safe from one room in the house to another room
• Relocating it from one location or area to another

Car Keys

Some of the most popular types of safes that will need to be moved include:

• Gun Safes
• Fireproof safes
• Cash deposit safes
• Freestanding safes
• Underfloor safes

Star Locksmith Services Solutions

In addition to providing emergency services to people in need, the professionals at Star Locksmith Philadelphia also provide various solutions designed to enhance the security of your home with as minimal fuss as possible. They include:

Car Lock Repairs—Damaged or Broken Lock?

Certified locksmiths can help you with any problem that you may be experiencing related to a broken or damaged car lock.

The auto locksmith will be able to help you with car lock problems such as:
• A central locking system that is no longer functional
• Faulty or broken door latches
• Broken or faulty car door lock
• Trunk or car boot replacements and repairs
• Sticky vehicle door lock

Replace/Change and Fit-in New Locks

When you are contemplating replacing or changing the locks in your home, bungalow, new business premises, house or apartment, then you should really consider calling a 24/7 locksmith in the Philadelphia area. The locksmith will be able to help you fit in a new lock.

Locks Changes

Some of the most common reasons given by people who are looking to replace or change their door locks include:
• The lock has become unreliable and is increasingly becoming very difficult to open or lock
• Your insurer requires that you upgrade your locks to enhance the safety of your residence.
• You recently lost a key or there is someone who should not have a key but currently has one.


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