Security Problems To Know About Old Properties

When a property comes from another time, you have to be aware of how security problems can arise because of outdated equipment. Our locksmiths at Star Locksmith Philadelphia has seen this with some buildings where people didn’t up the security well enough, and it led to a break in. Burglars have even taken a liking to older homes because of how they find them easier to break into, and they tend to have outdated security systems.

Request an Evaluation

First, you should call up a locksmith and have an evaluation done because this can help you to pinpoint the specific weak points at your property. They can evaluate the specific weaknesses that could lead to a break in if you don’t take the right precautionary measures. With that said, let’s have a look at some of the most frequent security problems that we have seen time and time again.

Wood-framed Windows and Doors

Especially in a place like Philadelphia where the climate is wet and damp year-round, the windows and doors on older homes tend to be made from wood. As the frames get damp, they tend to weaken and become vulnerable.

A lot of burglars have come to look at older homes with small locks on garage doors as a weak point. They might use this during a break in. One of the simple ways that you can get around this is to have your door frame upgraded and reinforced, or you might have the locks in your home upgraded to newer locks for greater security problems.

Poor Lighting

Another thing that we have seen pop up again and again, burglars love poor lighting because of how you don’t want to be seen when committing a crime. It makes them feel comfortable. Don’t let that happen! You can remedy this easily through simply installing more lights on the property and using motion sensor lighting to trigger it if someone tries to sneak on the property.

The other thing is that poor lighting can become a liability. If someone trips and falls in an area with poor lighting, it could be used as an excuse for a lawsuit. For that reason, you should have adequate lighting installed through your property. It covers you in both directions.

Outdated Security Systems

Maybe your property has an old security problems on it, but it is outdated by 10 to 15 years. That has also become a common problem on older homes. They bought a security system in the past, but they never updated it as the need arose. Today, that security system might not even meet up with local code. After years of use, the system may not even work in the event that a true burglary happened.

You should never assume that just because you bought a security problems it will work. After all, the value in a security problems is that it works when the need arises.

Today’s technology does far more, and in many cases, it will eliminate a lot of needless wires around the home because of how much of today’s technology is wireless. Meanwhile, you can connect it to the internet for better monitoring, and it will usually have more features on it.

Old Home, Old Locks

Older homes tend to have locks that come from that same time period unless they had security problems before that led to an upgrade. You have a couple of problems with older locks. In fact, older homes might not even have a deadbolt installed on them, which could pose a problem. Wear and tear can have a negative impact on your locks over time. Snow, rain, dirt and salt on the locks can all cause damage to them over time.

Keeping a Classic Look

Let’s say that you bought an old Victorian-era home, and while the locks and doors are old, you loathe to part with them because of how you want to remain true to the original style. You have to especially exercise caution with who you hire for a locksmith with this type of home. They should understand the value of what they’re doing, and you want them to remain true to the style even as they work on the home.

What are Some Signs That You Need to Call a Locksmith?

You have a few signs that indicate you might need to call in a locksmith for a security assessment of the home. Some of the signs include:

  • Homes older than 50 years.

  • Locks that look rusted, scratched or worn.

  • You have had previous break ins on the property.

Added security on an old property does matter because of how it can help to scare off criminals who might target your property otherwise. In fact, contrary to popular belief, many times after a burglar hits your home once, they will hit it again. That’s because of how they feel more familiar and comfortable with the property. Not to mention, it could attract other burglars to the home.

Unless you address the vulnerabilities, it can happen again. In some cases, even extra security doesn’t deter them. For those cases, you might purchase a dog to at least slow them down. Most burglars don’t like dogs because they don’t want to get bit. In most cases, they pick another property.

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