Commercial Locksmith Services

Your business can fall victim to crimes such as theft and burglary despite the type and size. We have seen both small, medium, and large companies being targeted. However, most small and medium-sized business owners are reluctant because they feel criminals only target large organizations.

What is a Commercial Locksmith

Locksmithing is one of the ancient professionals dating back to the early civilization days. Professional locksmiths were hired in ancient Egypt to keep the valuables safe from thieves. There are exceptional locksmiths called commercial locksmiths who offer security installation and periodic maintenance for businesses.

As a business owner, security should be your number one concern. Therefore, you must build a long-term relationship with a reliable and trusted commercial locksmith, which is an essential investment for every business. Issues relating to safes, locks, and file cabinets may come up in running the company, and this is when you need a commercial locksmith.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

Star Locksmith Philadelphia is a commercial locksmith with the required expertise and who understands commercial and industrial standard security. Locked keys in house, we make better recommendations to our clients that will leave their businesses protected. For many years we have been helping clients in Philadelphia secure their businesses as we believe that our business of being in business is to protect your business.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Once they occur, these crimes are horrible for small businesses compared to large establishments. This is because there is a high chance that the more established company will come back to its feet after the burglary. However, this is not the case with small enterprises, as most are kicked out of business and forced to close their doors.

This is not something you may want to tolerate, especially since it has taken your effort, energy, sacrifice, finances, and patience to build your empire. It is therefore essential that you keep it safe and protected. This is the main reason for the existence of commercial locksmith services.

Master Key System

We eliminate the need to carry around a massive bunch of keys by enabling businesses to maintain the security of all rooms by having access to all locks with a master call. It can be rather complex and challenging to manage buildings with multiple locking rooms, which is why a master key system is essential. It simplifies the process without interfering with security. We can design a master key that gives you complete control over your business premises, offering you peace of mind since your business is safe from unauthorized access.

Digital Lock Installation and Servicing

Everything has gone digital, and so are locks. With digital locks, you do not require physical keys to enter your premises, sometimes called keyless door entry systems. This system is desirable since it eliminates key duplication, theft, and loss, especially by burglars who want to gain access to your business. A great example of digital locks is Access Control Systems that grant access using PINs, biometric technology like fingerprints and facial scans, and card swipes.

Security Upgrades

As a professional locksmith Philadelphia we make sure we are updated with the current advancements. Due to our experience in the industry, we are very familiar with the standard practices of burglars and intruders. For this reason, we can override all loopholes that criminals may use to break into your business premises by recommending the best locks. Day by day, criminals are getting smarter, devising new entry methods into commercial premises. For this reason, a commercial locksmith will offer the best option for upgrading your security systems.

Commercial Lockout Response

As we all know every minute in business matters. Lockouts may greatly affect the business operations, and that is why you need to respond to them promptly. These are prevalent issues caused by several reasons, such as keys breaking or getting stuck in the lock, forgetting or misplacing keys, and malfunctioning keys, among other reasons. What will you do if this happens? Of course, you will not prefer to shut down your operations for the whole day. Commercial locksmith Philadelphia is available to offer a lockout response if this happens.

New Lock Installation

Your business may require new locks for many reasons, such as if the existing ones are old or broken due to misplacing keys or prolonged use. If you need a new lock, you must have it fixed immediately since having an unlocked door is as good as not having a door; it is hazardous. Your local locksmith will show you a variety of locks available and recommend the best one for you.

Safe Installation and Changing Safe Combinations

As a business owner, you need safes to protect hard copies with sensitive information and other essential data. Commercial locksmiths have the necessary knowledge, experience, and expertise to suggest and recommend safe options suitable for your commercial needs. If you already have a safe, you may be experiencing issues with unlocking it because you have forgotten the password combination. A commercial locksmith near me will help you out. For repairing damaged safes and changing safe combinations, contact a commercial locksmith near you.

Maintaining and Repairing Locks and Keys

Local locksmiths are available to conduct all routine checks on your locks to ensure they are functioning correctly. They look out for cracks or defaults and other issues that may be hazardous in the future. We make sure that no unauthorized personnel is accessing your premises using duplicated keys or cracked PINs and passwords during these checks.

Local Locksmith

Star Locksmith Philadelphia, we can install, repair and adjust the locks on everything from the home to the office. We have served hundreds of customers over the years with premium quality locksmith services. We’re a locksmith Philadelphia company, and we have the training to work with keys and locks. In some cases, we provide customers with locks when needed. We can also give recommendations on new locks that you may find useful.


Keeping your business safe and secure should be a priority no matter the size of your business. Working with a trusted local locksmith, knowledgeable and experienced commercial locksmith is invaluable. At Star Locksmith Philadelphia, we offer commercial locksmith services and better assistance that no other company in Philadelphia can provide. Contact your trusted commercial locksmith near me today for all your need.


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