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Welcome Home! Smart Tips For Changing the Locks on Your New Property

Welcome Home! Smart Tips For Changing the Locks on Your New Property   Your family has just purchased a home in a dream location. Congratulations are in order, but there are a lot of details to attend to before relaxing in the backyard. The locks around the home are one detail that should be prioritized. Explore the reasons why you should switch out the locks and the proper steps involved. Securing your new home is a natural step in the right direction.   Why the Switch? Many new homeowners may be surprised at the thought of changing the locks upon...

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Who Can You Call When You Cannot Access Your Car Keys? | Local Locksmiths

Who Can You Call When You Cannot Access Your Car Keys? | Local Locksmiths   Missing or lost car keys pose a more common problem than many people appreciate. Nearly every day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a driver misplaces a set of car keys. What should you do if you find yourself in this emergency situation? Who should you call? Star Locksmith in Philadelphia offers a fast, affordable solution to the all-too common problem of a car lockout. Call us to obtain rapid assistance from a courteous, licensed local locksmith! .   The Anatomy of a Car...

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Questions To Ask Before You Replace Your Home Locks

Questions To Ask Before You Replace Your Home Locks One of the most underrated yet vital aspects of your home security is door locks. Since they are part of our daily lives, we often pay little attention to these items. They may not be as flamboyant as a surveillance system, but they are not a less important security measure. It is, therefore, essential to have the right keypad door lock at all times.But before you replace your door lock, there are several questions that you should ask yourself. Sometimes, it is not easy to know what you need...

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Locksmith Services

Locksmith Services If you are looking for a locksmith in Philadelphia, then we understand that it is important for you to hire the absolute best one around. After all, the person that you hire will have access to your personal property, but will also impact how safe your home is. It is our hope that you will make the right choice and call us when you require the solutions of a residential locksmith.  Home Locksmith Services From installing heavy-duty deadbolts on the entryway doors of your home to...

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Car Keys Replacement

Car Keys Replacement Owning a car is such a beautiful thing. However, you are often at a loss on what to do if you lose your keys or worse, break them in the door lock or the ignition. The good thing is, Star Locksmith Philadelphia, who deals with Automobile Services come to your rescues as soon as you make a call for the service. After the service, we will give you new car keys, or do a car keys replacement for you.  Car Keys Replacement Sometimes we can never be too careful with our homes, offices,...

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History of Locksmithing

History of Locksmithing Locksmiths design, install, maintain, and change locks and other mechanisms that secure buildings, doors, cabinets, and other items. The services locksmiths provide include residential locksmith and auto locksmith services, commercial locks, keys made, lockout services, lock repair, changing of locks, and other emergency locksmith services. Since most of the time the locksmith must travel to a work site, locksmith businesses have created mobile locksmith vehicles that include all...

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How Do I Choose the Right Locksmith?

How Do I Choose the Right Locksmith? Whether it’s changing the locks for your new home or needing an emergency lockout service for your home, business or car, you want to choose the right locksmith. Right means trustworthy, qualified, and dependable. So how do I choose the right locksmith? Here are some of the steps you can take to make sure you have the right team to work with you and serve your needs.   How do I locate and hire a professional locksmith from a reliable local locksmith business?WORD OF MOUTH:...

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