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Re-keying Locks: What You Need to Know About Re-keying Locks

Re-keying Locks: What You Need to Know About Re-keying Locks If at one time you have had your business or home keys broken because burglars damaged your keys or because of mishandling, this might have forced you to change the key locks. Sadly, many people do not know there is an affordable and better way of rekeying locks, instead of changing the entire unit. Rekeying locks is beneficial as it saves you a lot of money. In this blog, you will know more about rekeying and give you insight to decide if you should consider rekeying or changing the entire...

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Lockouts Services Near Me

Lockouts Services Near Me Getting locked out of your home, business or car feels humiliating, and worse, it can interfere with an otherwise productive day. You may have had plans or an appointment, but locking yourself out can cause you to miss it. No one should have to wait so long that they miss an appointment, and at Star Locksmith in Philadelphia, we will do our best to arrive early and ensure a minimal interruption to your day. Google, “locksmith near me,” and you will find that our company is available...

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Lock Materials: What to Choose

Lock Materials: What to Choose With so many security door locks on the market, you may wonder which one to choose for the home. Maybe you want to change lock brands because the previous one doesn’t offer as much security, or you want your new lock because it adds some extra convenience. Whatever the reasons, let’s explore how to find the right locks for your security door. At Star Locksmith, we have the expertise to show you how to pick a good lock for your security door. Star Locksmith Philadelphia,¬†offers a...

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Rekey Locks When Moving in Or Replace Locks

Rekey Locks When Moving in Or Replace Locks You moved into a new home and wonder if you should rekey the locks or replace them altogether. At Star Locksmith Philadelphia, we would like to clear the air so that you know when to do each one. We will cover what one to do under most circumstances and when the other choice makes more sense. Rekey Locks vs Replace: Who Wins? We give a definite yes to rekey locks under most circumstances. Because key pins cost less than replacing the lock altogether, you can usually do it for less. Rekeying...

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