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One of the most underrated yet vital aspects of your home security is door locks. Since they are part of our daily lives, we often pay little attention to these items. They may not be as flamboyant as a surveillance system, but they are not a less important security measure. It is, therefore, essential to have the right keypad door lock at all times.

But before you replace your door locks, there are several questions that you should ask yourself. Sometimes, it is not easy to know what you need in a lock, especially if you have not bought or installed one before. The next section of this article will guide you on what you need to do to get the right lock.

Why do you need to replace locks?

If you have suffered a break in as a result of lock picking, you definitely need some new locks. Below is a deep dive of other instances which may necessitate you to change your door locks.

Lost keys

Sometimes, we may forget where we left our keys. All of us have experienced those moments of confusion. In such a case, the best solution is to change the locks. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is secure.

Moved to a new home

One of the most critical security measures to take as a new homeowner is to replace door locks. This way, you are sure that there is no way previous occupants of the house will get into your home.

Break-in or attempted break-in

Once the door lock system of your house has been put to the test, it is only sensible to change it. This is the right time to take extra precaution by replacing the keypad door lock in case the intruder makes a second attempt.

Malfunctioning deadbolts

Even the strongest of the door locks can malfunction. As they age, locks tend to become difficult to operate. If you are planning to replace a broken lock, it is important to understand why it broke in the first place. A common reason why deadbolts malfunction is that they are of poor quality or they were installed on the wrong door.

What is the security grade of your lock?

Before you upgrade to new locks, it is essential to ask yourself the kind of security that your current lock offers. Some homeowners may not take into consideration the security grades given to their locks. A majority of the smart locks on the market have been tested by Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These locks are graded based on the amount of force the locks can withstand as well as the number of cycles they can withstand before they break.

The numbers assigned to locks matter. They enable you to know how long the locks will last and the kind of protection they will offer you. If you are planning to replace your bathroom door lock, you obviously do not need to choose the same security rating as your front door.

How easy is it to use the door lock system?

Another question you should ask yourself is how easy it is to maintain the new lock system. Fortunately, a majority of smart locks provide an easy way of monitoring and control. Most online tracking software allows you to keep track of who has your keys at any given moment.

With electronic locks, you do not need to replace any hardware other than the keys when you need to reset your lock. On top of this, smart locks can automatically unlock and lock depending on how far or near you are.

What kind of lock do you need and the cost of replacement?

Naturally, the question of cost is one of the most important for most homeowners. This should not keep you from investing in the right door locks. Fortunately, there are several types of smart locks and deadbolts to choose from. Each of them is suited to a specific location. For instance, deadbolts work well on exterior doors because they are strong. They also provide reliable security

The cost of installing a new lock system varies depending on the complexity of the system and the number of doors you intend to secure. Installing re-keyable electronic locks can be expensive than most traditional lock systems or bathroom door locks.

Do I need to install it myself or need a local locksmith?

Understanding how the door lock will be installed will help you to know if the process will require making changes in the hardware you may already have. This will also help you determine if you can replace locks yourself or whether you have to hire a local locksmith. If you are doing a replacement for aesthetic reasons such as a bathroom door lock, you can install it yourself. With that said, it is important to engage a professional to avoid costly mistakes, especially if you are upgrading to electronic locks. A local locksmith has unique skills set to see some of the things that you might miss.


If you have ever suffered a theft as a result of Lock picking, you understand the importance of proper locks. A broken lock must be replaced immediately even though it is partly functional. While cost can be a concern, don’t settle for poor quality replacement. Remember, no matter the reason for replacing your keypad door lock or any other type of lock, the security of your home is vital.

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